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Created in our nation's capitol, Washington D.C,

Status Apparel DC is a 100% Black Owned lifestyle apparel brand. Relaunched in 2015, Status Apparel DC has been able to expand past the boundaries of DC, worldwide. Status is a way of life and Status Apparel DC offers style and comfort for every day and every season. We provide high quality goods and design with a message. 




To have status is to be a trendsetter, you lead the way, you set what's cool, you determine what the people live by. Someone that has status is someone who is a positive individual that's motivated, driven, innovative and loyal to friends and family. It's a way of life and if someone embodies these traits they have "status".


Using "status" in this way originated between friends at Benjamin Banneker High School in 2010. The word initially was used to describe all things that were good (ie: That's the status). As the year's have grown the definition and how it's used has expanded as well. Status has grown from a simple slang used between friends to much more, but the initial aspects that redefined it still remain.


Status Gang is a group of innovators/friends. Along with that it's a collection of people who embody the traits that define what Status is. If you have Status, you are apart of this group. You're apart of the "Status Gang".

WHAT IS Perfect Season?

Perfect Season represents perfecting your craft, never being complacent, striving for greatness, and taking everything you do to the next level.
For Status Apparel DC this means new innovative designs, and better quality with every release.


Gabriel began creating the initial Status designs while attending Temple University in 2012. Initially creating designs for himself and friends to wear. After understanding there was a demand around these pieces he began operating and selling clothing under the name “Got Status? clothing”. Upon graduating in 2015 and returning to DC, he reimagined and relaunched the brand as Status Apparel DC.


“When I started making shirts I really was making stuff that I liked to wear. When I started wearing the shirts around campus, and posting pictures on social media I saw that people wanted to support and wanted to represent what we had going on. It also became a way for me to be creative outside of my every day course load. Overall that base purpose of me wanting to create great quality designs that I love has continued in everything that I’ve created since the beginning. I aim to create comfortable, durable, quality clothing that spans age and is really just good design. I’m super appreciative and glad that these concepts continue to be well received.” 



Status Apparel DC Status It's a way of life
Gabriel Massalley, owner

Gabriel Massalley, owner

"Got Status?" Hoodie Circa 2012
Status Apparel DC

ROME, ITALY - 2014


Status Apparel DC in Tokyo Japan



Thank you for all of your contributions to Status Apparel DC. Rest peacefully Ajibril Blake.

Long Live Ajibril Blake! Family Over Everything! Brand Ambassador and major part of Status Apparel DC. We love you FOREVER Family!

"Got Status?" Hoodie Circa 2012