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Status Spotlight: Komrabai Kargbo

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Did you ever think that you would be an artist? Taking your creations and making them last forever on human canvases? Well today's Status Spotlight focuses on a talented young man who is doing that and more. Komrabai Kargbo, or Rabai for short, spends his days using his creative mind to paint, draw and turn people's imagination into reality. After receiving his B.S. in Business Management from Virginia State University, he pursued his career as a Tattoo Artist full time, and has now found a home in the Body of Ink Art Studio. Whether it's tattoos, graphic designs or paintings, Rabai can make it all happen. Often times, when someone enters a tattoo shop, they already have an idea of what they want their next piece to be. Sometimes they have a picture or reference to hand to their tattoo artist, and there are cases when they only have words to describe their vision. This is where the true talent comes in. If you're ever looking for some new ink, be sure to check Rabai's work on Instagram. You can see pieces from start to finish, including sleeves, ab and chest work, cover-ups, you name it. There really is no limit to what he can do.

I remember when I got my second tattoo from Rabai and I pretty much said "I want a mermaid on my side, but she has to be a black, curvy, poppin' mermaid." He had no issues with making my idea truly come to life. Rabai also does this with his artwork, having participated in Art Showcases where he does live-paintings for guests who attend, as well as put on Sip & Paint events to promote his business. With the help of a business partner, he created Starving Artist Supply; a tattoo and art supply company that provides graphic design services, and sells art prints on a consignment basis from various artists. The idea came about when they realized that the closest tattoo art supplier was almost 50 minutes away from the D.C. Metropolitan area. The two young men jumped on the opportunity to become a more convenient, and if things go as planned, a go-to supplier for creatives in the city.

The ultimate goal of Starving Artist Supply is to bridge the gap between all creatives and give them one main outlet to buy and sell their work, utilize the services and products they provide, and to give back to the community that surrounds them directly. He wants to uplift artists across all mediums in order to help them promote and advance their craft. I think it's safe to say we can help this black king surpass his goals. If you're looking to purchase some tattoo supplies, make your way to and re-up! Check out his work on Instagram and Twitter, and follow the Starving Artist Supply business pages so you don't miss any of the great things to come.

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