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The Status DC Landmarks Series

In the spirit of missing the outdoors during these times of social distancing I began creating this “DC Landmarks Series”. In each image is a staple DC landmark with some added Status flavor to it. This series initially started with me wanting to create a graphic to promote a Spring sale I was planning (happening now! 25% off of the entire website, shop with us!). Then it evolved into something more, it reminded me of being outside and in and around the city. I started to think through places I consider a landmark in DC, asking some friends and the family theirs too. Whether it be from a local landmark or more touristy, these things are distinctly DC. When you see these places or buildings you know the exact location. Below are some of these DC landmarks reimagined with some classic Status graphics.

Check out this post this, I will be continuing to update this as I create more. As always we appreciate the continued support, and make sure to stay safe out here! Comment other landmarks in DC or the area that come to mind below!

Brookland Metro Station - Northeast DC

Ben's Chili Bowl - U Street

National Mall

Horace and Dickie's - H Street (Long Live the Original location!)

The Wharf

Gallery Place - Chinatown

The Cliff - Georgetown

M Street and Wisconsin Avenue - Georgetown

Jefferson Memorial

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