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21 Days of Status Campaign (21 days. 21 people. 21 different interpretations of status)(2017)

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Here at Status Apparel the team knows that we represent a lot more than just urban street-wear, making it a key point in our mission to promote a positive lifestyle through the clothing and accessories that we sell, and giving back to the community. Leading up to the Black Market Creative Showcase, we launched a social media campaign called "21 Days of Status," where we asked our supporters "What does 'status' mean to you?" 21 days. 21 people. 21 different interpretations of what status is. Utilizing Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, we posted videos to all of our fans, showing them just how versatile status currently is and continues to be.

The videos racked up 6,282 Views and 16, 646 impressions across Twitter and Instagram, and ultimately, it was a fun and innovative way to get consumers and supporters involved with Status Apparel.

The goal was to show anyone who may have heard of the brand, took a look at any of our social media pages or even saw our clothing being modeled by a friend that we are here and available to them. By executing the "21 Days of Status" campaign, we received so much recognition from people who reaffirmed those ideals for our brand. Supporters described having status as following your dreams, embracing your personal style, doing good for others, being innovative and on top of your game and so much more. Status is a movement and a way of life, and this is ultimately our way of saying thank you to all of the people who participated in the campaign. Without your commentary it would not have been such a success. That includes anyone who recorded, edited or watched a video. Check out the video compilation below and see how Status Apparel continues to encourage people to thrive.


If you have not done so already, make sure you follow us on Twitter (@statusgang) and Instagram (@statusappareldc) to watch the "21 Days of Status" videos and keep up with our movement. We would also love for you to give us feedback! Tell us what you love about Status Apparel by writing a review for us here on our website.

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