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Status Spotlight: Kendra Hazel

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Today on Status Spotlight, we will be highlighting Kendra Hazel, a recent graduate of Florida A & M University, Washington, DC native and the creator of Green Things Work. It truly is amazing what ideas and projects begin as jokes, small talk or in this case, a school assignment. What started as a business plan for her Principles & Management course has blossomed into a brand that is making a name for itself in the DC area. She has made food fun, healthy and nutritious, taking meals that we indulge in on a regular basis and turned them into better versions of themselves. Green Things Work is a plant-based, holistic food brand, and Kendra gets very creative with her culinary skills. She cooks everything from plant based tacos & vegan spring rolls, to vegan steak and cheese & crab cake sandwiches. In a nutshell, you could think of your favorite non-vegan meal, and Kendra could certainly transform it for you.

Kendra has made clean eating her lifestyle, being vegan herself, and she documents her spectacular creations on Twitter and Instagram. It takes some thinking outside of the box to find the right substitutions to mimic certain textures & flavors, and if you haven’t seen the photos of these colorful and tasty meals, you have to check it out for yourself. Believe me when I say they will not disappoint. I had the pleasure of trying a Green Things Work food platter at an event recently and her fried cauliflower and vegan spring rolls were absolutely amazing. One taste and you will be guaranteed to want more. Kendra has participated in several events where she sells her delicious meals, and she continues to try new and exciting food combinations that challenge the myth that vegan dishes will lack flavor or be unfulfilling. Be sure to show your support to this young black queen and follow her for updates, tips, and ideas! Keep an eye out for Kendra's upcoming event participation so you can get a chance to try her culinary masterpieces yourself. We will be sure to keep a close eye on what’s to come of this already thriving brand, but we know that it will be nothing but success.

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