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Status Spotlight: Lorynn Holloway

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

When I started looking for help with the marketing and social media aspects of Status, I was in search of a person who could help me manage everything. Someone who could help me strategize and coordinate different campaigns. Someone to help run the different social media handles. Most importantly, I needed someone who was aware of what Status is, and understood my intentions to help me push Status to the next level. In came my good friend Lorynn Holloway. Lorynn and I have known each other since high school, and she's seen the beginnings of what Status was, and what it's become. She was always an avid supporter, and seemed like a perfect fit for the role. We had a meeting, she prepared a full outline telling me what the plan was and how we were going to get it done, and it kind of tripped me out. She completely grasped the vision, and wholeheartedly wanted to help me execute it.  Lorynn is a DC native and graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University. She left VCU with a degree in Mass Communications, concentrated in Public and a minor in General Business.

She currently works as an Email and Social Media Specialist at Fishbowl, Inc and is the Communications Coordinator for Status Apparel DC.

Lorynn is really good at what she does, and is truly becoming a pivotal part of what the Status brand has grown into. She has implemented some innovative marketing strategies and helped me filter a lot of the ideas I have for branding. She has also developed several of the recent campaigns we've done for status, like this one for instance, #StatusSpotlight, and #21DaysofStatus . We're still somewhat at the beginning of that outline she gave me in our initial meeting, but I'm excited to see what's next from our in-house expert. 

Follow her:

Instagram: @Smiilinbiig

Twitter: @Smiilinbiig

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