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Black Businesses we love and support!

Check out "The Showcase" tab of our newly launched website for a full directory of these businesses.

The purpose and part of the mission statement of our company, the Status: Way of Life, LLC was and still is to serve as a bridge between the creative and the consumer. This is something we focused on when putting together events. It is also a goal of ours to highlight Black Owned businesses and their work. With all that is going on in the world today it is important that we all as a community support each other and circulate our dollars within our community. With that being said we will be highlighting black owned businesses we support and have collaborated with for events or in some fashion. We would like to encourage everyone to check out and support these businesses and others. Support can be purchasing from their websites, or support can be as simple as sharing one of their social media posts, liking or commenting on their posts, or following their social media pages. If not these then support the Black Businesses you know! Please comment others below, let’s keep this going! - Gabe (@MrMassalley), Owner of Status Apparel DC

*This list will continue to be updated*

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