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Status Apparel DC at the Black Soul Summer All Love Block Party! (Philadelphia July 16th 2022)

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Philadelphia has a special place in my heart dating back to my days at Temple University (2010-2015). It was great to be back in the city and around the energy of the people. The initial idea for creating clothing was made here (Status Apparel DC formerly Got Status? clothing circa 2011/2012). Plus, I started creating the initial Status designs while in and being inspired by my time in Philadelphia. It felt right to be back again in Philly pushing the brand.

Our Saturday in Philadelphia was definitely a vibe. Major shoutout to @brothataaj and @blacksoulsummer on The 5th Annual @allloveblockparty at @sunflowerphilly!! The event was definitely well executed. Major major (2x!) shoutout, it has been cool being apart of the event in the past (in 2017 + in 2019) and to be able to continue to see the event grow. Thanks for having us!

Thank you Philly! The love and support is always appreciated. We will back! Visit the website

Check out some pictures of our booth below,


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