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The DC Art All Night Black Market Creatives Showcase

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

The DC Art All Night 2022 Black Market Creatives Showcase was a success on Friday September 23rd, 2022! A big shoutout to each of the businesses that participated in the event and everyone who came out to support! We recorded 409 people coming into and checking out the event. Great work by the team Status Apparel DC, Anacostia Arts & Art.IsEmpowerment on making it happen. More to come!

Reiterating our mission statement for the event, the purpose of the Black Market Creatives Showcase since its inception in November of 2016 has been to create a platform that bridges the gap between the consumer and the creative by providing platforms for interaction and expertise. The event is known for being a market showcasing work, products and services offered and produced by local Black creatives and entrepreneurs. The hope is to continue to build events and activations similar to the DC Art All Night Black Market Creatives Showcase.

🎥 Recap by the one and only Shotbymlb , shoutout to the shooter! 📸

he DC Art All Night Black Market Creatives Showcase

Check out our website for a full recap of the event and past events. Check out the shop to see some of the new Black Market Creatives DC Merch Designs inspired by our 9/23/22 event! See below also for a few of the designs:

If you are looking for a directory of Black owned businesses to support this month? Check out our website Visit “The Showcase” page of the website to check out our growing directory.

As always we appreciate the continued support!

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