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Status Spotlight: Gabriel Massalley

Updated: May 4, 2023

And now, for the Status Spotlight finale! We couldn't close this out without doing a back-story and giving some insight on the mastermind behind this operation. Mr. Gabriel Massalley, himself. A Temple University graduate with a B.S. in Architecture and Historic Preservation, and a DC Native, Gabe has taken a funny saying that used to get us through math class and turned it into two thriving brands. He is the owner and CEO of Status Apparel DC and Status: A Way of Life, LLC, and utilizes these outlets to promote lifestyle advancement, creativity and community outreach. Gabriel was inspired to take charge of his businesses after creating the clothing line in 2011 to promote his music work and aspirations. After graduating college, he re-branded Status and turned it into so much more.

Gabriel's ideas about urban street wear truly come to life as he continues to unveil new designs and releases that are inspired by nostalgia and empowerment. In his most recent Perfect Season Launch, you'll find traces of Martin, Hey! Arnold and other remnants of your childhood within the clothing and accessories, If you haven't copped any merchandise, you should definitely go check it out when you're done reading this write up! Having participated as a vendor in several events, Gabe has garnered a following and been able to push his merchandise in Philly, New York, California and even Tokyo. He also gives different artists and creatives the opportunity to push their art skills and positive messages to the community by hosting showcasing events through Status: Way of Life, LLC. With the creative design company side of his brand, he uses this platform to create inclusion for several business owners and encourage them to band together to affect change within the DC Metropolitan area. It is a goal for him to inspire people to invest in themselves and their communities so that everyone can flourish and upgrade together. He has made it a point to also give back to the homeless, and recently hosted a successful event where people were able to donate simple goods and toiletries to be delivered to the homeless. This is just a small part of the things that Gabe hopes to accomplish both Status Apparel DC and Status: A Way of Life, LLC, and things are definitely in the works to make more great things happen.

The Status brand has certainly come a long way from a funny video we used to watch, and a word we would exaggerate. It truly has become a way of life for Gabe and his team, as well as people who support the brand and promote it through rocking the products. As we continue to strategically put Status on the map, you all should be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and lookout for upcoming blog posts about Status in the community. We certainly appreciate all of the support thus far and we hope that you will be down with us for the ride!

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